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Hi Guys,


Newby here, get my van in 2 weeks and in the process of stocking up...


Hope its not a silly question, but I was wondering approximately how many 30ml pours (shots) you would you expect to get from 1kg of coffee


I was also curious to know something about shots... I note that some places give you a double shot with 12oz regular cup,(say for a takeaway) while others only give a single...(maybe they are stingey...lol)


Anyway I thought by having one of the machine buttons set on a 20 ml pour for 20 seconds (for those who like weak cuppas etc) that you could use that as a double shot ie 40ml in a 12oz cup?


Im not sure if some outlets already do this (or do it saying its a double shot saving on coffee?) any thoughts on this would be most welcome


Cheers guys


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Hi Alan,

You've hit the nail on the head with the 20ml ristretto shot being suitable for a weak coffee and a double ristretto being suitable for a 12oz cup. It makes sense given that a 30ml shot is the norm for an 8oz cup and a double 30ml shot is the norm for a 16oz cup . Given that you cannot get a 45ml shot from your volumetric machine - the double ristretto is a very good approximation and is therefore an ideal amount of espresso to be used for your 12oz cup.

If you are using 7g of coffee a shot, you should in theory get 142-odd cups from the kilo of coffee but as alluded to above, this holds if you are only serving 8oz cups. If you are serving 12oz or 16 cups, you are using 14g of ground coffee per cup and will therefore not get 142 cups per kilo. A good rule of thumb for most cafes I would think is about 100 cups though.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the reply Matt, thats been very helpful indeed
Hi Alan
I find,the following formula seems to cover most customers 1shot small,double shot regular,triple shot large(although most of my customers stick with a double),this of coarse depends on your choice of beans/blend ie mild strong etc.70/80 cups on average to the kg just about pulls me up

Good luck with it
Thanks Phil, lots of good info from both you guys, still lots to learn but slowly getting there...


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