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Hi, hope alls well


Just a question guys, running my own mobile coffee van, Ive been asked to give a price on attending a business function for 2 hours 7 - 9am. They also asked if I would prefer to do a "User pay" system then I just give them the bill at the end. [would be using generator as no power available]


I think I would prefer to go with a set price for example $120 per hour to cover myself... I could easily go with user pays and only sell say 25 - 30 cups.


Just wondering if any others out there have attended similar functions / events with a fixed price and if so what would be a fair hourly rate...




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Hi Alan,

A user-pays system could (would I would say) end up being a money-loser for you. You are right in thinking that a flat rate is the way to go.

Corporates have more than $120 x 2 to spend if they want professionalism and the option for their clients to have a nice coffee or two during their "event." Myself - I would not go in under $350. You have to remember that you have to get there, buy consumables (coffee, milk, paper cups, sugar, stirrers etc) plus pack down the event.

Corporates cannot think of an hourly rate for this service and you have to bear in mind that they know that they have to offer specialty coffee rather than just tea and instant coffee these days....people expect it.

Your competitors would not do it for less....you should not either.

That's my two-cents worth!

Thanks Matt,

Some good points there, I guess it might also be a case of how many clients they are expecting, I was speaking with another mobile barista just today who charges a $130 fee for the first 30 cups then its $4.50 per regular size cup thereafter. If they are expecting more people then he would charge $250 for the first 50 cups (in regular size only) and again $4.50 for each cup after the 50...
Hi Alan
Bit late jumping in the band wagon and not to much else to add any way,but having procrasternated over the same question,I too came up with pretty much the same i.e.$250 2 hours includes 50 cups and then 4.50 after that

Reassuring to see we're all roughly on the same page !!



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