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Hi, I'm curious to know what people think about home coffee machines.  I would like to buy one but even the expensive ones don't seem to do as good a job as I would like.  We've had them in the past starting with a cheap one.  This one we got sick of bad coffee and sold it as we never used it.  Then we bought one of those (very expensive) automatic ones.  You know, push a button, get a cappuccino.  This machine was better than the cheap one, but for the price we paid, I was highly disappointed.  Even when we got the coffee ground to the right grind at the local cafe and checked the temperatures were correct, we just couldn't get a good coffee out of it.

My question is:  Has anyone out there found a good machine for a realistic price that produces a good cup of coffee?

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Hi Ann, you may find our article written on Choosing and Espresso Machine for Home, useful.
Thanks, does anyone know what is available specifically for New Zealand? Not all companies ship worldwide which is highly frustrating.
Hi Ann, I'm a bit the same, I would LOVE to get my own machine for home, but am a little worried about quality. My previous housemates had a small Sunbeam Espresso machine, which I was not a great fan of. I have seen the mypressi twist which looks great, however I am not quite up to drinking straight espresso shots yet! I was also looking at the Otto which looks like another interesting piece to try.

I will definitely be reading your article Matt
Hi Alison, isn't it frustrating!! I read the article that Matthew recommended which is very helpful. These guys are doing great things for the coffee industry :-)
It certainly is great to have somewhere to go for advice and inspiration!


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