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Hey there all,

I know that it is almost always recommended to use a double espresso basket rather than a single, and have read on the Pullman site some further info about ridged vs non ridged baskets as well; but am wondering exactly why this is?

I have read that is something to do with the uneven shape of the single baskets, assuming this means that as the espresso is extracted its is somewhat redirected, therefore resulting in an uneven pour (rather than a straight wall)?  We use at the moment large double (possibly triple) baskets; with one portafilter with a double spout, and one naked portafilter. 

There are a lot of things that I know to be considered the recommended way to do things, but am not always sure of the reason behind.  I need to get some more info to back myself up when I say things are done for a reason.

Hope you can help, Thanks!


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Hi Alison,

I just use a double basket. I would never used the single basket on my home machine or at work! But that is me.

I think you should test things yourself and make your own decision based on what you taste.

So many people writing on coffee related sites are just regurgitating what others say - they are a bunch of sheep.

You are lucky as you have a great machine to work on. Many do not.

Experimentation is always best as then you are talking and selling what your believe - not what you have read.

Happy drinking.

Head Banana.
thanks for your reply!
Its very hard isn't, everything you read is different, you agree with one thing then read a new opinion! And a lot of it really does come down to what works for you and your business. So much to learn!

Thanks again = )


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