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You will be someone for whom coffee is more than a job, it is a passion - you will be a coffee geek! You are likely to have gone out of your way to taste and cup some CoE's or Single Origins, and will be the sort of person who takes time out to visit top cafes and know the different techniques they use in each to make coffee. Your 'internet hangout places' are likely to be the coffee forum sites. You will crave knowledge in the quest to perfect your 'god shot'.
We are looking for someone to work 5 days (3 weekdays, 2 weekend days).
It goes without saying you will be skilled at free-dosing, with minimal wastage, and able to pour great latte art even under the pressure of a rush, speak fluent english, have residency or Citizenship, have personality and flair and can inspire your level of enthusiasm about coffee in others.

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